Children’s ride-on cars are fun, safe, and thrilling. But how long does a typical vehicle battery take to fully charge? And why do some batteries take longer to charge than others? We answer all of these questions in this handy guide.

What’s in this guide

Part One

What happens when a battery charges?

The batteries generally found in ride-on toy vehicles are lead-acid batteries, these batteries consist of two parts: a negative electrode (the anode) and a positive electrode (the cathode). Both electrodes contain chemicals called electrolytes, which contain water molecules that conduct electricity.

When current flows into the battery, electrons flow out of the anode and into the electrolyte. This creates a chemical reaction that produces hydrogen ions (H+) and oxygen gas (O2). These gases form bubbles inside the battery.

As these bubbles grow, the volume of the battery decreases. Eventually, the air inside the battery becomes too thin to support the formation of additional bubbles. At this point, the battery is fully charged.

Part Two

Battery Charging Times

Our toy experts have created the table below to help parents determine how long it takes to charge a typical children’s car battery, allowing them to maximise the fun levels.

VoltageInitial ChargeRegular Charges
6v10 hours8 hours
12v10 Hours10 hours
24v10 Hours10 hours

6v, 12v, and 24v ride-on toys generally take 10 hours for their first full charge, with 6v cars taking around 8 hours for every regular charge after that, and 12v and 24v vehicles both taking 10 hours for subsequent charges.

Part Three

How Long Does a Battery Last from a Single Charge?

There are many factors that determine how much driving time a single charge will provide your new children’s ride-on toy. The surface your child is riding on, their size and driving style and the size and battery voltage of the vehicle. Below is a quick reference comparison table for parents.

VoltageBattery Time
6v45 Minutes – 1 Hour
12v1 Hour
24v1 – 2 Hours

If your child is driving on a flat dry surface, you can expect a typical 6v car to last around 45 minutes – 1 hour before a recharge is needed. In the same conditions, 12v toy vehicles will last for approx 1 hour, and 24v cars between 1-2 hours.

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