Before letting your child hit the road on their driving adventures, you should pair the remote control with their ride-on toy car, just in case they get a little too carried away. You may think that the pairing process is simple, but there are many different types of remotes available today. In this guide, we will cover how to pair a variety of remote controls to your new toy vehicle.

What’s in this guide

Part One

The Pairing Process

The majority of remote controls can be paired with your vehicle in a similar manner; simply follow this step-by-step guide.

  • Power down your electric ride-on car fully.
  • Press the pairing button (which should be highlighted in your instruction manual) for two to four seconds until the LED pairing light flashes. The LED pairing light can be various colours depending on the remote control type.
  • Immediately turn on the car.
  • The LED pairing light should then stop flashing.
  • Your vehicle should now be controllable by the parental remote control.
Part Two

Pairing Button Examples

The position and icon of the pairing button on your remote control will depend on the unit type. We have highlighted below where you can find this button on the most common remote control units.

White Remote Control Pairing Button
Red Remote Control Pairing Button
Kids Ride-On Car Remote Control Pairing Button
Kids Ride-On Car Black Remote Control Pairing Button


Safety will be a top priority for any parent, so ensuring your remote control is paired correctly is paramount. This will allow grown-ups to control the car’s forward and reverse motion and the steering from up to 20 metres away. Although ride-on toys are sold with various units, the pairing process is generally the same.

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