Safety is, of course, every parent’s priority when introducing their child to a new ride-on toy. One of the most critical safety factors is ensuring you pick a vehicle with an appropriate weight limit for your child.

This guide will cover the average weight limits for 6v, 12v and 24v kids electric cars using product information from leading worldwide retailers.

What’s in this guide

Part One

What are the Weight Limits for 6v Ride-On Toys?

Our research covered 74 6v ride-on toy vehicle product pages worldwide and found that the average maximum weight limit was between 20kg and 25kg (44-55lbs). Although it’s worth noting that around 17% of six-volt toys researched did have a max weight capacity of 30kg (66lbs).

Part Two

Maximum Weight Limits for 12v Children’s Ride-On Vehicles

Our toy experts researched 154 kids’ electric cars powered by 12-volt batteries and found that the weight limit of 74% of the products is 30kg (66lbs). The percentage of retailers recommending thirty kilograms as the max weight restriction was the highest across all voltage types surveyed.

Part Three

What’s the Maximum Load Allowance for 24v Kid’s Ride-On Cars?

The suggested maximum weight across 24v children’s toy vehicles varied the most. Because there are many types of 24v ride-ons, from off-road buggies to supercars and trucks. 13% of product pages recommended a max-weight of 70kg (154lbs), with 26% recommending 50kg (110lbs) as the maximum load. However, the average recommended full load restriction across all products researched was 35kg (77lbs), the recommendation for 42% of product pages.

Part Four

What Happens if you Exceed the Weight Limit?

The first signs that your child could be too heavy for their toy ride-on will be slow sluggish acceleration and a lower maximum speed. These reduced performance levels will not affect safety but will lessen your child’s enjoyment.

Exceeding the max-weight by a significant amount could risk bending or, even worse, snapping the metal axil bar that connects the front and rear wheels.

Part Five

A Breakdown of our Research

Here are our findings across all three battery voltage categories below.

6-Volt Cars

Max-WeightRecommendation %
20kg (44lbs)27%
25kg (55lbs)38%
30kg (66lbs)17%

12-Volt Cars

Max-WeightRecommendation %
25kg (55lbs)6%
30kg (66lbs)74%
40kg (55lbs)12%

24-Volt Cars

Max-WeightRecommendation %
30kg (66lbs)14%
35kg (77lbs)42%
50kg (110lbs)26%
70kg (154lbs)13%


The max-weight limit for 6v ride-on kid’s cars is between 20kg and 25kg (44-55lbs). Weight restrictions for 12-volt cars averaged out at 30kg (66lbs). The maximum weight for 24v children’s electric ride-ons is 35kg (77lbs). However, the 24v cars had the most significant variation for recommendations.

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