Let the Adventure Begin!

Ball Pits & Soft Play

Our soft play toy range includes everything from ball pits with plastic balls to foam mini playgrounds.

Shop Ball Pits & Soft Play Baby & Toddler Ball Pits & Soft Play

Baby Bamboo Sets

Enjoy eco-friendly baby meal time with our bamboo plates, bowls and spoons, a delightful blend of sustainability and style.

Shop Baby Bamboo Sets Baby Bamboo Plates

Baby Playpens

Safe, secure & interactive fun for baby, parents & family. Our toddler playpens can be assembled in a host of shapes & sizes to create the perfect safe space.

Shop Baby Playpens Baby Playpens

Bouncy Castles

Our extensive range of bouncy castles for sale includes inflatable castles with slides, ball pits, and even trampolines!

Shop Bouncy Castles Bouncy Castles

Children's Desks

Perfect for little ones looking to hit the books, our range of children's homework desk and chair sets come with convenient storage, USB connections & desk lights.

Shop Children's Desks Children's Desks

Children's Slides

Combining essential physical exercise and fun, our range of children's slides are made from high-quality material and are sold in simple white and bright colours.

Shop Children's Slides Children's Slides

Kids Teepee Tents

Pitched up in seconds, our kid's wigwam tents are available in a variety of beautiful colours and are ideal for any children's indoor camping fun.

Shop Kids Teepee Tents Children's Teepees

Kids Wooden Swings

Combining stylish design and German manufacturing, our wooden children's swings are a firm favourite amongst parents looking for the next trend in children's activity toys.

Shop Kids Wooden Swings Children's Wooden Swings

Wooden Toy Pianos

For the little pianist in every child, our wooden toy pianos are sold with either a 25 or 30 key layout in pink, white and black and come with a music chair and stand.

Shop Wooden Toy Pianos Children's Wooden Toy Pianos

Kids Table & Chairs

Our colourful activity table & chair sets provide hours of sand, water & drawing fun, whilst our solid wood sets are sold in both fun & classic themes with integrated bookshelves.

Shop Kids Table & Chairs Kid's Table & Chairs

Kids Bookcases

Our kid's bookcases and displays are sold in a variety of colours and sizes, are easy to assemble and can hold a library of both hardback and paperback books.

Shop Kids Bookcases Kids Bookcases

Kids Dressing Tables

Dress up time just got a lot more fun, our children's dressing tables are sold in simple clean white or bright pink with a fairy pattern and include a child-safe mirror and chair.

Shop Kids Dressing Tables Kids Dressing Tables

Kids Easels

Get creative with our children's easels, including traditional chalkboards, magnetic dry-wipe boards and drawing paper rolls. The perfect gift for any creative child.

Shop Kids Easels Kids Easels

Kids Garden Swings

Transform any space into a fun-filled playground & get your little ones active with our range of children's garden swings, wooden swing and slide sets & climbing frames.

Shop Kids Garden Swings Kids Garden Swings & Climbing Frames

Kids Go-Karts

Our range of kids go karts, featuring both pedal-powered and electric options for young riders. Available in eye-catching white, black, red, green, yellow, and blue colours.

Shop Kids Go-Karts Kids Go Karts

Kids Paddling Pools

Our range of childrens' paddling pools includes small pools, animal and dinosaur features, as well as water sprayers.

Shop Kids Paddling Pools Kids Paddling Pools & Inflatables

Kids Play Kitchens

For every budding head chef, our kids play kitchens come with lots of wooden accessories including chopping boards, pots, pans and utensils.

Shop Kids Play Kitchens Kids Play Kitchens

Kids Ride On Cars

Let's rev up the excitement level, available in a variety of colours, our remote control ride-on electric cars provide maximum fun for the whole family.

Shop Kids Ride On Cars Kids Ride On Cars

Kids Motorbikes

In pink, teal, turquoise, red, black and white, our kids Vespa, BMW and Aprilia ride-on motorbikes are powered by both 6v and 12v batteries.

Shop Kids Motorbikes Kids Ride On Electric Motorbikes

Ride-On Aeroplanes

Get ready for take-off with our kid's 12v battery-powered electric ride-on aeroplanes in red, blue and green. Controlled by either parental remote control or onboard joysticks.

Shop Ride-On Aeroplanes Kids Ride-On Aeroplanes

Ride On Tractors

Complete with a trailer for harvest time, our pink and green farmyard kids ride-on electric tractors are powered by 12v batteries and are fit for the little farmer in every child.

Shop Ride On Tractors Kids Ride-On Toy Tractors

Kids Sandpits

A little bit of beach in your garden, just don't forget the bucket and spade! Holding up to 160kg of play sand, our children's sandpits provide hours of fun for the whole family.

Shop Kids Sandpits Kids Sandpits

Kids Scooters

Our kids scooters (both electric & kick powered) provide a smooth, stable ride for kids aged three to thirteen.

Shop Kids Scooters Kids Scooters

Kids Trampolines

Designed to ignite young imaginations and encourage active outdoor or indoor play, our trampolines are the perfect addition to any garden or playroom.

Shop Kids Trampolines Kids Trampolines

Kids Waltzer Cars

Our kids ride-on waltzer cars are the latest craze in ride-on toys and can spin 360 degrees for hours of hilarious driving fun for parents and children.

Shop Kids Waltzer Cars Kids Waltzer Cars

Wooden Toy Boxes

Offered in a variety of themes including jungle, safari, cats and dogs and simple clean white, our kid's wooden toy boxes are ideal for parents looking for extra storage.

Shop Wooden Toy Boxes Kids Wooden Toy Boxes

Playroom Storage

Keep playrooms, nurseries and bedrooms organised, tidy and clutter-free with our range of storage units, dress-up rails and organisers.

Shop Playroom Storage Playroom Storage

Cars for Toddlers

Discover our exciting range of push-along ride on cars for toddlers, designed to ignite the spirit of adventure in your little ones.

Shop Cars for Toddlers Push Along Ride On Cars for Toddlers

Kids Ride On Trucks

Let's get your child trucking! Our range of kid's ride-on battery-powered trucks and lorries are fully loaded with features and provide a continuous 1 hour haulage time.

Shop Kids Ride On Trucks Ride On Trucks for Kids

Trampoline Scooters

Our trampoline scooters are great for kids who want to practise their nothing fronts, tailwhips, barspins, or other radical tricks.

Shop Trampoline Scooters Trampoline Scooters

Dolls Houses

A classic fixture in any child's bedroom or playroom, our wooden dolls houses are sold in a variety of colours and sizes and can also be used as a bookcase or storage.

Shop Dolls Houses Wooden Dolls Houses

Wooden Food Toys

Our collection of wooden food toys features wooden fruits, vegetables, pizza and ice cream.

Shop Wooden Food Toys Wooden Food Toys
Five Star Review John

Fantastic Service!!

The service that Kidaroos offers puts some of the larger companies to shame. The speed of delivery and communication was amazing! Also, their prices are very competitive. I would seriously suggest you give Kidaroos your business....you will not be disappointed.

Five Star Review Jessica

We love our ride on Range Rover car for…

We love our ride on Range Rover car for our son, with the personalised number plate too! Will buy from here again for sure!

Five Star Review Diane

A remote ride in car, perfect for our little flower girl!!!

We recently bought a Kids White Mercedes C Class for a 2 year old flower girl to use at our sons wedding. It was brilliant, delivered very quickly, perfect size and in immaculate condition. The customer service was fantastic...the only problem we had was prising her out of it to do anything else, she absolutely loved it!!!!

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